help for our fair city

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it took me a long time to admit to myself that i love nashville and i will accept that i'm more to blame for that than nashville.  this has been our home for 16 years and it is a city that i love and am now proud to call home. it is a kind and friendly city and now it is also a very wet city with many people facing complete devastation. sadly the national media has not been as gracious with media coverage as we need them to be but maybe that's because we are who we are...check out this succinctly and beautifully written blog post for more on that.

it seems wrong that dave & i are going on with life as usual but apparently life goes on.  we're now asking you to help us help this great city.  earthdog will be donating 50% of our internet sales to middle tn red cross tomorrow (5/5/10) from 12:00am-11:59pm cst.  if you've been in the market for some new gear for your dog now's the time!  please pass this on via email, twitter, facebook or whatever social means you choose. 

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