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this has been a rough month for dave & i in terms of our workload - we've been working a lot of very, very long days. this got the better of me on monday and i pulled a “costanza” in the factory. apparently i was only asleep for a few minutes but i have to tell you it felt like the best sleep of my life.

we did get a chance to experience some top-notch entertainment thursday night when we went to see bruce springsteen at the arena in nashville. i should mention that i was not a fan of bruce’s for the first few decades of my life…the “born in the usa” hype in the eighties was lost on me and i always thought he sang kind of like a frog. dave in contrast was such a crazed fan that upon receiving his driver’s license he hightailed it to the jersey shore for the sheer joy of driving the entire length of e street. oh yeah, i said the entire length. even though we grew up one town away from each other, fortunately, i was not aware of dave in high school as i’m fairly certain i would have thought he was a dork. when discussing this fact dave swears he didn’t tell any girls about his e street journey. so, fast-forward to dave’s college years and imagine his shock and awe when he walked into his statistics class at seton hall university and saw drummer max weinberg sitting in the same room. max, while on hiatus from working with bruce, was returning to his former school to finish his degree, having left many years prior after answering an ad in the new york city’s “village voice” to join a then unknown group called the e street band. if this veteran expected to go unnoticed by another young, eager upstart drummer he had another thing coming and learned as much on their first break from the discussions of means and medians.

anyhoo, my admitted shortsightedness on bruce was altered completely when dave forced me to go to a concert during the rising tour. he and the e street band are an amazing force to be reckoned with. i don’t know how he performs for three hours and then functions the next day. dave & i were just watching and were exhausted (although i bet bruce didn’t have to work a full day, feed a bunch of dogs and rush out of the house to make it to his concert). i highly recommend seeing him if you get the chance. 

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