murray's new bling

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1618709-1508115-thumbnail.jpglast month i ordered murray a tag from bella tocca tags. after i placed the order i emailed them because like a complete fruitloop i had to ask if murray’s tag could be engraved with all lowercase letters. just like joan crawford did not accept wire hangers, i refuse to tolerate capital letters. don’t worry, dave has the crackpot retirement home on speedial just waiting for “the” day. lowercase letters make me happy and uppercase ones make me anxious. anyhoo, i received this email back from the artist:

kym- thanks for your order! i'm honored to be doing murray's tag. you guys are my heroes!
i'll engrave "murray" (absent the quotation marks) in lower case…
thanks again-

whatchoo talkin ‘bout willis? the woman who is making a tag for murray, my murray, that will hang in the vicinity of his heart for the remainder of his lifetime and at some point be my treasured keepsake is honored to be making it? can you hear the choir singing or is that just in my head? i’m still tickled just thinking about it!!

when i received the tag i was not disappointed – it’s beautiful and really well crafted and is an awesome compliment to murray’s magnificence. thanks kate – you’re one talented individual.

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