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if you frequent this blog then you’re probably familiar with my love for dave, my dogs and many inanimate objects. i’ve decided to start a new feature dedicated to the latter of that list. let me be clear that, while there are a lot of inanimate objects that i adore, they are still objects and in the grand scheme of things do not hold a whole lot of importance...but they sure do bring me joy, which i thought i would share with you. you might also be thinking that i’m fickle or short-lived with my love but you would be incorrect, sir – my love is never waning and burns bright endlessly. i should also add that i’m not a huge collector or hoarder – certain and specific things just speak to me and force me to bring them into my life (apparently not unlike certain unnamed dogs). if you are only interested in dog posts then i would suggest avoiding this blog on fridays. hopefully i will not be resorting to posts such as "things i love...sunny days” but if you saw my house and the amount of stuff contained in it you probably wouldn’t be too concerned.

now that i've cleared that up let's get to my newest obsession:  the munny i first found munnies a few months ago in atlanta but apparently they’ve been around for a while and i’m not the only one obsessed. a munny is this amazing little guy that can be left as is or can be modified in a ridiculous amount of ways – it’s like a little art project. check out this gallery to see what some amazing artists have created. i’ve passed a few munnies out to some artist friends for them to customize for me to display in my “in house gallery” (or a room that some of dave’s photographs are displayed in). i find myself constantly surfing ebay and etsy looking for more artist created munnies – i can’t stop! i love ‘em!

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