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by | Saturday, August 23, 2008 |

this has been a rough month for dave & i in terms of our workload - we've been working a lot of very, very long days. this got the better of me on monday and i pulled a “costanza” in the factory. apparently i was only asleep for a few minutes but i have to tell you it felt like the best sleep of my life. we did get a chance to experience some top-notch entertainment thursday night when we went to see bruce springsteen at the arena in nashville. i should mention that i was not a fan of...

takin' care of bidness

by | Thursday, August 14, 2008 |

just a few things that need to be mentioned.  first off i want to profusely thank you for the amazing emails i've received since i started this blog.  i feel like a little too much altruism is being attributed to dave & i but it is definately much appreciated...flattery will definately get you everywhere.  i'm still struggling with the idea of the blog - to think that people would actually be interested in reading about our life seems a bit pompous.  i also...

a fool once more

by | Tuesday, August 12, 2008 |

i used to be a baking fool in my less busy days. now i’m a can’t be bothered fool, especially since i stopped eating sugar several years ago. i’ll still bake for dave once in a while when asked but my how things have changed. it used to be that if you were a friend of mine and it was your birthday i showed up with a cake, whether invited or not. i still have an obsession with birthday cake – i find it hard to believe having a cake on the celebration of your birth is not of the utmost importance...

flangan update anyone?

by | Friday, August 8, 2008 |

i’m in awe of flanagan and all the progress he’s made in the 3 months we’ve had him. he’s overcome a lot and made enormous changes. speck has greatly helped (she’s got to earn her keep somehow) and my obsessive hug therapy (patent pending) seems to be cracking him. speck and he spend a good half hour every morning after breakfast chasing each other around the house like lunatics. that’s enormous progress and very dog-like. this morning i turned around and...

man of his word

by | Monday, August 4, 2008 |

 mr. dyson you are a genius and a lifesaver. as you can probably imagine with 14 dogs there is a lot to suck up, much of it requiring a vacuum. historically we would need to replace our carpet vacs at least every 6 months and that was with using a shop-vac to do our hardwood floors. these were not bargain bin vacuums either – these were several hundred dollar models touting extreme sucking power. i always believed them at first and they seemed to be vacuums of their word and then time...

underground railroad

by | Sunday, August 3, 2008 |

check out this picture of watson – see all those spots on him. those are tiny, prickly, annoying burrs and our field is lousy with them from july to i can’t remember when (hopefully august, but it could be september or october or, good golly please not november). what this means is that each time the dogs that frequent said field (namely phineus, simon, watson, fletcher & indi) go outside and come back in they have a new batch of burrs. for some of them, specifically phineus & simon,...


by | Thursday, July 31, 2008 |

because reilley is kitchen counter height he has the opportunity to take whatever he wants, fortunately he rarely exploits this gift. about 98.7% of the time he is very respectful of food on the counter - the only caveat being when there is watermelon in his presence. he doesn’t try to steal the watermelon (that might anger me) – he just rests his head hoping that i’ll be moved enough by his display of restraint and desire to reward him with said watermelon. let it be said that i love...

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